In Grounders, Tom Slone demonstrates that he’s an all-star mentor, businessman, teacher, fundraiser, and storyteller. Sit down with this book and a bag of peanuts, and watch him hit a home run.

—Joseph M. McQuillan, Chairman of QTI Service Corporation, Treasurer of Las Colinas Parks Foundation, and former Vice Chairman of Associates First Capital

I found Grounders to be an enjoyable read that showcases Tom Slone’s passion for developing and leading people. The mentoring and leadership tools Tom has developed over a long and successful career in both business and philanthro­py are artfully woven into his narrative account of a 20-day dream roadshow he led with seven young men in tow. This roadshow provided many opportunities to teach important life lessons and an enjoyable account of the trials and tribula­tions you might expect from being on the road with seven young men. This is a book you may choose to read every year to truly benefit from its message.

—Roy A. Guthrie, former Executive Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer, Discover Financial Services

Grounders is an insightful book that contains life and busi­ness lessons that will make you stop and take stock of how you do both….So get your glove and unleash your heart and mind, and go with us on an incredible life journey.

—Gary Randle, founder and Executive Director of H.O.P.E. Farm

Tom Slone epitomizes the American Dream. I cherish his friendship, and am honored that I am part of Grounders. Tom has the charisma, intelligence, determination, and empathy required to be a great mentor....I recall when he took a group of youngsters to Florida to meet the Marlins baseball team, to sit in the owners’ seats as special guests of the team, to meet the players, and to watch a game….I know those kids will remember the trip and Tom—and that, like him, they will strive to become mentors to those coming up behind them.

—Norman Rales, former owner of the Texas Rangers,
philanthropist, and President of Kenwood Financial

I read Grounders…and started to wish that you would go to ten more ballparks. It is a neat piece of history in the making. The description of the characters made me feel as if I knew them by the end of the trip…and your words of wisdom and advice will make for memories over a lifetime. Thank you for letting me get my nose under the tent!

—Vince J. Kiernan II, President Emeritus and Managing Director
of International Milbar/Stride Corporation

Publication date:
October 21, 2011

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$12.50 (paperback)
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Great life lessons throughout. As I read it, I resonated with the discipline and common sense you deploy in your own life….I very much enjoyed it and smiled when I read about your mentors because you’re one of mine.

—Ron Nicol, Global Leader of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Practice,
The Boston Consulting Group

If you are a fan of baseball, you will love Grounders. This is a once-in-a-lifetime true story in which the author and two friends take a group of young boys (Tom’s three grandsons and two of their friends and two boys from H.O.P.E. Farm) to ten games in ten cities in twenty-one days. Grounders is an exhilarating and well-written book on mentoring and a lesson for all of us to learn. You will be moved by this book.

—Christa Overcash,
widow of Reece Overcash, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Associates First Capital